Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a dedicated gluten free facility?

    Yes! All our mixes are produced in a 100% dedicated gluten free and nut free facility. We also batch test our products for gluten down to 10 ppm, or parts per million. That's even less than the federal requirements to be labeled gluten free. Needless to say, we take this GF label very seriously!

  • Do I have to let the cookie dough rest for 30 minutes?

    Letting the dough rest produces a softer cookie and removes the grainy texture so prevalent in GF foods. It also produces a deliciously toffee-like flavor to boot! You can certainly bypass the resting period, but for the most delicious cookie, let it nap for a little while!

  • HELP! My Lemon Pound Cake is falling!

    Rice flour is very sensitive to moisture in the air - the more moisture, the greater the risk of falling. If you live in a humid climate, here's a few tips so your pound cake stays nice and lofty:

    • Do NOT add the 1/4 cup of water to the mix
    • Bake the full 55 minute to ensure the entire cake cooks through completely
    • Do NOT overbeat the mix - 3 minutes only!
  • Are your mixes nut free?

    All Magnolia Mixes GF mixes are nut free. While we previously used an 'almond powder' (ironically made from stone fruit pits, not almonds) in our Banana Bread mix, we've decided to drop that ingredient so all our wonderful nut-free customers can enjoy our mixes without hesitation or worry!

  • Can I use cooking spray instead of parchment paper when making cookies?

    We recommend using parchment paper for the best results. The cookies will hold their shape while baking, and not spread out too much when baked on parchment paper. That being said, your cookies aren't going to disintegrate if you just use cooking spray!

  • Do I need to alter any of the mixes for high altitude baking?

    Most of our mixes need no alteration at altitude. However, the chocolate chip cookies turn out a bit fluffier and lighter if you add 1 additional tablespoon of all-purpose gluten free flour and decrease the butter to just 3 tablespoons.

  • Why are the chocolate chips in a separate bag?

    We package the chocolate chips separately so that you can stir them into the cookie mix after the 3 minutes of mixing. This will protect the chips from breaking during mixing.

  • More Questions?

    Email us at with your questions. You may even see them posted here later for others!